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The actual mechanism

Protecting your privacy, the confidentiality of your messages, is our first concern.

This is a short summary of what we did to reach this goal.


The first thing we need to do to protect your privacy is to protect your identity (from every one apart from the law, of course), so the first who mustn’t know who you are isĀ us, of course!

That is the reason why there is no way for you to get back your password if you forget it: did you notice we never asked you for your telephone number or email address?

Quick delivery

Your messages stay on our servers for the minimum time possible, that is the time it takes you to open your app and see your message list: when a message appears in your message list, it gets immediately removed from our servers.

This implies that you can only read each message on just one of your devices sharing the same Enygma ID: the first one to get it, of course.

App protection

The app will do whatever is possible to avoid you being in a situation in which someone might see a message you are reading or writing.

There are a number of things we put in place for that.

  1. Every time your app comes alive you need to type your Enygma Password. No one can read your messages, even if they find your telephone’s PIN.
  2. Every time you send the app to background, every message you might be reading times out and gets erased.
  3. Every time you send the app to background, every message you might be writing gets immediately deleted.